Our R&D Approach

R & D

At Indusun, R&D efforts aim at achieving 3 objectives.


Continuous Improvement

Our production and lab teams ensure that we make our existing processes better and pass on the benefits to our stakeholders on a real-time basis.


In Touch with Tomorrow

Innovation is on our mind 24 x 7. We strive hard every day to develop additives that aim at solving critical oil-field challenges in the most efficient manner.


Responsible Drilling

With continuous innovation, our vision is to develop a 100% net carbon neutral portfolio of additives for oil field applications.

How do we see R&D?

Wellbore strengthener, Lost Circulation Material for severe losses, PVA Liquid, Mixed Metal Oxide – are some of the recent technologies developed first-hand by Indusun for the South East Asian markets. While we aspire to develop products that mitigate deep-sea drilling challenges in the most sustainable manner, we spend a lot of our time in refining the existing products used in the industry – typically certain water-based mud additives. From optimizing their concentration in mud systems to reducing the per-unit commercial cost, oil-based or water-based mud additives are carefully analyzed at Indusun.

Nation orientation is one of our core commitments – and developing indigenous technologies is our driving force. We aspire to develop the best technologies for our buyers and help them promote ‘Responsible Drilling’ at all times.